In this series of “Ask a Bespoke Architect” Nicole Walters, director and founding partner or Bespoke Architects, answers the frequently asked questions we receive from new residential clients.

What is the difference between a building designer, a draftsperson, and an architect?

I want to build / renovate where do I start?

Do architects prefer larger jobs or are they happy to do the smaller jobs as well?

What is your architectural style?

I’d like to build a home that’s similar to one I’ve seen on the internet – can architects work from photos of houses to create something that looks the same?

What kind of information needs to be given to an architect?

How do I set my project budget?

What are rough project timeframes?

What is town planning and what is involved in the process?

What is the difference between owner builder, preferred contractor and negotiated tenderers?

What other consultants does my project need?

How much does it cost to use an architect?

How long does it take to start building?

How do you find builders for my project?

I have existing drawings can I provide them and eliminate the need for you to do them?


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